Thank you for visiting our website. The protection of your personal data is very important to us, so, together with quality content, we also guarantee your right to decide for yourself how your data is used. This privacy policy governs the collection, storage and processing of personal data collected by the controller from users.


    • Categories of personal data
    • Purposes of personal data processing
    • Data retention period
    • User rights
    • Contractual processors and storage area
    • Use of cookies
    • Instructions for editing cookies in individual browsers
    • Legal Notice


MLEKARNA KREPKO Kele & Kele d.o.o. , Laze 22a SI-1370 Logatec.

An authorised person dealing with the protection of personal data is available to you at

As a recipient or a user, I permit the controller to collect, process and store the transmitted personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection.

Categories of personal data

Acquired data kept by the personal data controller:

  • e-mail address;
  • name and surname and title or gender due to the need for personalised e-mails;
  • company name;
  • physical address;
  • phone number;
  • GSM;
  • which messages the user opened and which links they clicked in the messages;
  • which pages they visited on the portal;
  • past inquiries, purchases, invoices, support claims;
  • User IP addresses and cookie IDs.

Purposes of personal data processing

The controller Kele & Kele d.o.o. , Laze 22a SI-1370 Logatec will use the data obtained from users for the following purposes:

  • to communicate with the subscription or (pre)contractual relationship;
  • to conduct games involving prizes;
  • for statistical and market analyses; tracking clicks and opening e-mails and clicks on the website to segment and customise the content of e-mails;
  • notifying and sending newsletters, articles, event notifications by e-mail;
  • direct marketing and sending of offers by SMS/MMS, e-mail and notification messages, classic mail, on the website and mobile applications and making telephone calls;
  • segmentation, profiling and automated processing in order to create customised messages and offers of greater relevance to the user;
  • display of customised ads on advertising platforms (Google and Facebook).

When emails are sent, the controller records the opening of received messages from individuals and clicks on links in received messages. It also records views and promotions on the controller’s website. For better and more targeted transmission of offers and adjustment of messages or communication, it automatically processes, analyses, profiles and evaluates the activity and measures the interest of users.


Data retention period

We store an individual’s personal data indefinitely or until the withdrawal of consent to the storage and processing of that individual’s data. Upon withdrawal of an individual’s consent, his or her personal data shall be immediately, efficiently and permanently deleted.

Should the purposes described above, for which we store and process personal data, cease to exist in our company, we will immediately and efficiently delete the databases whose purpose has ceased.


The controller will protect the obtained data in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection and in accordance with their internal acts adopted on the basis of law. They will provide adequate organisational and technical protection. Under no circumstances will the controller pass on or disclose the obtained data to third parties. The company Kele & Kele d.o.o. implements appropriate technical and organisational measures for the protection of personal data.

User rights

In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the controller must, at the consumer’s request:

  • Confirm whether or not the data relating to them are processed and allow them to inspect the personal data relating to them.
  • Provide a printout of personal data relating to them.
  • Provide them with the opportunity to correct or supplement their personal data.
  • Provide the option for partial or complete deletion of personal data.
  • Provide the option for transferral of personal data to another provider of related services.
  • Provide the option for a partial or complete withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data.

The controller will take into account your wish to withdraw and accordingly arrange for the withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data within 15 days at the latest.

Any individual may, in the event that they consider that their personal data protection rights have been violated in any way, file a complaint with the supervisory body (Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia) at any time.

Each consumer has the option to simply unsubscribe from receiving e-mail messages with one click in the footer of the received e-mail message, or to send an e-mail message to unsubscribe to or by replying to a specific received e-mail message.

Contractual processors and storage area

The controller also forwards the collected personal data to its contractual processors, who may process the data only within the framework of the controller’s instructions and authorisations and who are obliged to ensure an appropriate level of personal data protection by a written contract concluded with the controller, specifically: CRM, e-mail marketing system and marketing automation system. The provider stores its personal data filing system in the EU and does not export this to third countries.

The operator may provide personal data to digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and use their cookies, which allow the operator to create more accurate segments, display targeted ads and conduct remarketing. The operator thus provides the user with more relevant advertising on these platforms. This may involve the export of data to a contractual processor outside the EU.


Data protection officer

Assistant Professor Miha Dvojmoč, MSc in Public Administration, BA in Security and Policing
Tbilisijska 96, 1000 Ljubljana
T: 031 692 524


Use of cookies

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Cookies allow certain content or functions of the application to be customised for a particular visitor, according to their choices or preferences or according to the characteristics of their terminal equipment. Cookies for analytical purposes enable continuous improvement of the website.

Instructions for editing cookies in individual browsers

Legal Notice

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