Treat yourself to dairy products for gourmet moments

Products from Slovenian non-homogenised milk, from the pastures of the Notranjska region.

''Enjoy the excellent and natural taste of our kajmak cheese, which also convinced the expert jury in Brussels. 

Kajmak cheese and cheese in brine

Enjoy the products we missed having on the shelves of Slovenian stores.

From the very beginning, we have been producing products that we would also like to buy in the store. Our kajmak cheese and cheese in brine are exactly that. Cheese in brine is a white cheese that will remind you of the taste of Greek feta cheese, and kajmak, which received the Taste Award 2016, will delight you with its creamy structure. Add them to grilled dishes, salads and enjoy a gourmet experience.

Kajmak cheese and cheese in brine