Kefir Krepki suhec with protein, lactose-free/vanilla flavour, 0.9% milk fat, 500g

Kefir Krepki suhec with protein, lactose-free/vanilla flavour, 0.9% milk fat, 500g

Kefir Krepki suhec with protein, lactose-free and vanilla flavour is made from Slovenian pasteurised, typed and non-homogenised milk. The product is based on kefir Krepki suhec with 0.9% milk fat, made solely from genuine kefir grains. This traditional drink of the centenerians from the Caucasus has been proven to prolong life. It contains more than 30 probiotic microorganisms that help maintain a healthy microbiota and has been additionally enriched with milk protein for additional functionality. The fermented milk drink has a pleasant fragrant aroma and a delicate taste of vanilla, but it retains the sharpness that is characteristic of traditional kefir.

With one bottle of the new vanilla flavoured lactose-free kefir with protein, your body gets as much as 31g of protein.


Proteins are macronutrients that are essential for the optimal functioning of our bodies. They are necessary for growth and development, building cell structures, participating in the immune response and optimal muscle function. Adequate dietary protein intake is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Foods of animal origin are a source of high-quality proteins, including milk proteins.

Milk protein

Milk proteins or caseins provide the body with a constant and long-lasting level of amino acids when ingested. Thus, they work primarily in an anti-catabolic way (catabolic state can occur with, for example, improper nutrition after intense exercise, which leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue) and help to maintain muscle mass. It is recommended to consume them in the morning, and preferably in the evening before going to bed, because their slow release provides the body with enough nutrients and thus muscle growth and regeneration.

Gut health is vital and can affect both the body and the brain.

Per 100gPer portion 500g*
Energy value266 kJ / 68 kcal1442 kJ / 341 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids0.6g3.0g
of which sugars8.6g43.0g

*Allergens: milk