Slovenians winning awards for organic dairy products

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the importance of safe, organic foods that have a beneficial effect on health. It could be said that organic, natural, integrated food has become a trend. It is a commendable trend after extensive marketing and imposition by megacorporations of otherwise delicious products that contain a lot of sugar and other potentially harmful additives. Today, multinationals have also noticed that people are turning back to nature and starting to offer “organic” products. However, some people have known about the power of organic and processed foods earlier. Much earlier.

The story of Dairy Krepko began in 1992 when the couple Dunja and Brane Kelečević brought live kefir grains from the former USSR and started producing traditional kefir at a small dairy factory in Laze pri Logatcu. They were led by their passion to familiarise Slovenians with this natural probiotic drink of the Caucasian centenarians, regarding which many people wonder if it is a miracle or a gift from the Gods.

Slowly and steadily, without compromising on quality, Krepko Dairy has grown on this foundation. After nearly 20 years of operation, it is a modern dairy producer that respects the highest milk processing standards. It still remains true to the traditional method of producing kefir from kefir grains and also holds the strict certificate for the processing of organic milk into BIO/organic dairy products (controlled by KON-CERT, SI-EKO-001).

Exclusively organic production

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According to Sandra Turnšek, Director of Krepko Dairy, in an interview with, they use organically produced raw materials, which they buy from carefully selected Slovenian farmers who share the same values and are aware that organic farming is a long-term endeavor.
Yet with perseverance and without taking shortcuts, the right results are achieved. Not only are the achievements measurable financially, but also in the awareness that the company is doing something good.

Award-winning products from the Krepko Dairy

Director Sandra Turnšek at an event in the European Parliament featuring selected small and medium-sized businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Dairy products from Krepko Dairy have won a large number of prestigious awards, including several Taste Awards awarded by iTQi, the leading International Taste and Quality Institute, based in Brussels. It is the leading independent association of chefs and sommeliers from around the world, bringing together as many as 140 members from 41 countries.

In 2016, the Krepko Dairy was awarded for the traditional Kefir Krepko and traditional Kajmak Krepko.

The evaluation is based on the principle of so called blind tasting, which means that both the packaging and the manufacturer of the product are unknown to the jury. The award is given on the base of organoleptic criteria, which evaluate the aroma, texture, taste and after-taste of the product.

This year’s big achievement, however, is the presentation of Krepko Dairy in the European Parliament at the Small & Medium Sized Enterprises event at the heart of Europe’s Food and Drink Industry – Small Scale BIG Impact.

The European Union is also aware of the importance of providing people with organic and processed food for a sustainable future. Small and medium-sized, often family-owned businesses that come from the local environment and support local farmers and other producers, have proven to be the best in this area. It must be remembered that the most organic food is food that, in addition to being produced in an organic way, has travelled the shortest distance from the farm to the plate.